Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Past Couple Days

I am so so so sorry we haven't updated in a while. It's been really busy here lately and I haven't really had the chance to sit down and post. If I did get the chance I'm Skyping back home or responding to emails so it's been a little difficult lately. Thanks for sticking by us though and still checking for a new post.
For the past couple days we have mainly just hung out around here, trying to find ways to keep us all entertained. We are all starting to come up with more and more ways to keep us entertained. Lately it's been cricket during the day, games at night, and occasionally walks around Green Park. I'll post separately about all of those. Two people left this week, but for the next couple weeks no one is leaving so no goodbyes for a while. Goodbyes are so hard because you don't know when you will see these people again and you all become so attached to each other.
I reached my six week mark today which is really exciting for Lyme patients. Usually around six weeks everything starts to come together and that's when you start seeing the most improvements. My mom and I are both getting super excited because we are just waiting for the day I wake up and say "Wow, I can feel." It will definitely be crazy if that will happen. The doctors are really looking forward to seeing what improvement I will make next, whether it be smaller calipers, feeling, my vision, anything.
Sorry this has taken so long to update, it should start being updated again daily, even if they are super boring posts, just to make sure you guys are all in the loop.

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  1. Six weeks??!! : ) Six weeks??!! Sometimes it feels like you have been gone forever and sometimes it feels like I was just there! Keep smiling! : )