Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ping To The Pong

Gabe and I were hanging out downstairs one night while his dad was out picking up his wife from the airport when we came across four ping pong paddles, three ping pong balls, and a net in a little cupboard. Matthew's wife's plane was delayed about and hour and a half so we were kind of watching over/hanging out with Gabe while his dad was out. After we had been through all the games they have here (chess, scrabble, cards, dominoes, etc.) we found the ping pong set and decided that we were going to play no matter what. Since Gabe is a quadriplegic he can't move his legs, and his arms he can lift up and down a little bit. We set it all up and started playing. Since Gabe can't grip the paddle, we strapped a paddle in each hand using his gloves. By the end of that night (around 1AM or so) we could hold a rally of six. For the next week or so we didn't play often, but we just started playing with about seven other patients and it's been SUPER fun. We all start laughing and can't stop for hours. We are now playing doubles because we have so many people. The doctors find it to be one of the funniest things ever to watch. It's truly amazing to watch a quadriplegic play ping pong, especially in doubles. It's so fun and gets everyone involved in it. I'm sure going to miss not playing and hanging out with everyone at night.