Saturday, May 1, 2010


I realized that we have never shown pictures of all our friends / patients here at NuTech. When we first arrived there were sixteen patients and the hospital has rooms for nineteen patients. People come and go because you usually commit to either a four, eight or twelve week treatment time. However, Monica's situation is different and I really believed it was important that she come longer to give her every opportunity for healing. We are here six weeks.

Today we have seven patients. Last week was tough for us because five of our good friends left. Tomorrow another patient leaves and we believe someone else is coming soon. On the left is Ryan (red shirt), from Australia, who had a motorcylce accident and is paralyzed. He is here with his brother for two months. Next to him are Nina, Monica, Ashley, and Corben.

This is Ashley who is Monica's best friend here. His first treatment was when we were here last time. He came for three months and we were here for two of those months. We spend most of our time with Ashley and Raven (his caregiver and best friend since junior high school!) who are from New Zealand. Ashley had his accident playfighting with a friend nine years ago and became a quadriplegic. They have become very special to us and are like family. They leave Wednesday.

Gabe is from Minnesota and had his accident on a school trip to Costa Rica bodysurfing. He is a quadriplegic and we met him on our first trip. He also was here for three months when we came for our two month. We became really great friends with him and his dad Matthew and they became have become like family to us. They left last week.

Michael is from Australia (in the middle with his brother John) and has motor neuron disease/ALS. He was here for two months with us when we came last time. He also has become like family to us. They left last week.

Corben's accident was during a high school football game eighteen months ago making him a quadriplegic. He is from California and is here for three months. This is his first treatment. To the left is the security guard, ward boys (cleaners), night manager (orange shirt), and Rita (in charge of housekeeping) with Monica. His mom and aunt are here and they leave in June.

Nina is here with her with her dad for three months from Thailand. Apple is her caregiver and this picture was taken during physio. Nina was in a car accident and is a quadriplegic. Her accident was three months ago. Nina leaves in July.

Vicki has multiple sclerosis and was here with her husband Tim. They are from Washington. They were here on our first trip (this was their fourth treatment) and lived across the hall from us. They left last week.

Jerry is from California and has Lyme. I spent a lot of time with his wife Dolores walking every morning around our neighborhood before I got a very bad dry cough and had to quit. This was his first treatment and they were here for two months. They left last week.

Shannon was in a car accident and is a quadriplegic. She is from Dallas. I spent time with her mom Lola doing chores and she helped me edit my paper. This was her first treatment and they stayed for three months and left last week.

Ron is from California and was in a car accident which made him a quadriplegic. This was his fourth treatment. His mom and aunt came with him and they left two weeks ago.

Betty is from Virginia and fell becoming a quadriplegic. She is in the physio room. Betty is here with her daughter for two months. This is her first treatment.

Adrian is from North Carolina and is being treated for ALS. He is an outpatient staying close by with his wife. This is his first treatment.

In every patient there has been some type of improvement. Everyone is a little stronger physically. You may not visually notice the changes in Monica, but we all know that the stem cells are working in her body to repair, replenish and regenerate. I believe time is repairing damaged nerves and when that is done she will be able to feel again. Miracles happen here. Just to travel to India for treatment is a tough journey for each one of these individuals. Each one of these patients has an incredible story to tell about survival.