Thursday, November 12, 2009


The treatment I have been doing for the past two months was our last resort. There was honestly nothing left to try back home. I am in the same situation as almost everyone here I think. We are all at our last resort here, we've tried everything and keep getting the same answers. The spinal cord patients are told they are never going to walk again, Lyme patients are pretty much told there isn't a way to kill it completely, ALS patients are given a range of years they have left to live, MS there's no way to stop it, and so many more along those lines. Yet none of us will give up and that is exactly how we ended up at such an amazing place with such amazing doctors and people supporting us. It's been really hard to leave everything behind to come here, but it was absolutely worth it. For me so many treatments have failed in the past that I have learned to keep my attitude positive towards something working, but bracing myself for the worst. Before coming here I didn't really have expectations, I was hoping for a lot, but I had no expectation to go home walking or feeling or better. Everyone who has been here in the past has seen amazing results which gives you hope and encourages expectations which are much bigger than reality. My Mom came here with the hope that I will go home with ONE change, it didn't matter what, anything. One change would prove to us that I was done progressing and I could then move forward and start getting better. Other patients here came with the expectations that they would be able to walk out of here if they are wheelchair bound (this is an example it's not true I'm just trying to give you an idea).
If you have the mindset that you will be walking out of here you will miss all the little things that are happening. Towards the end of your trip you will feel like you didn't accomplish much because you didn't achieve the one goal you came here for. When every one else who has been here with you can see incredible improvement in strength and balance and everything else. If you are to come and do this treatment, you need to come with an open mind and really pay attention to everything that is going on in your body and even if it doesn't meet your goal in the first trip maybe in the second or when you are back home it will happen. This whole entire post probably sounds like I'm blabbing on and on, but my point is this trip has gone beyond all of our expectations and has given us a new found hope. You need to come hoping for the best and not losing that goal, but also making sure you don't get caught up in more more more.