Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jet Lag Does Wonders?

Second day here, super super busy. Thanks to my friend jet lag, I went to bed at 5PM woke up at 1:15AM wanting dinner, then fell back asleep and woke up again at 5AM and decided to start my day. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you wake up so early. I had the chance to Skype with friends and family, unpack, shower, eat breakfast, and wake up one of my best friends (who got here early early this morning) all by 9:15AM. If this was last trip none of that EVER would've happened, you can ask my Mom and Hope all about that.
We woke up Ashley and Raven and it was SOO great to see them again. Raven was delirious and doesn't even remember us waking them up. Ashley almost pulled me into his bed he was so excited. It's been so much fun to be back together with Gabe and Ashley again. Ashley stopped by our room for about an hour earlier and we were talking about how neither of us have laughed quite as hard as we did playing ping pong. Gabe is actually in our room right now and has been here for about an hour. It's just like old times :) nice to be back with them again.
Dr. Shroff saw us this morning and was super excited about my walking, but kinda sad I didn't have feeling back yet. Her goal for this trip is to "attack" my brain and try to get the sensory and cognitive. Hopefully her goal will be achieved just like last time. We plan on doing a lot more procedures than last time and actually go in for our first one tomorrow. I'm doing the three day epidural-catheter in two days because they don't do procedures on Saturdays.
My Mom and I this afternoon went and got an "investigation" (also known as an EMG) done. It was a SUPER sketchy place, but hey you gotta do it. It went fine, not very sanitary and I've got some war wounds, but no problems. We get the results tomorrow morning hopefully.
Decorating, decorating, decorating. Everyone here knows our room as the decorated one. As many of you know last time we decorated too. My Mom and I say if we are living here why not make it look like we are. P.S. In the picture that is probably the best my bed will look all trip.
Time to go maybe get a ping pong game going :). As much I miss home, I've missed here just as much. It's the right time to be here, and I'm with my second family again. It's impossible to describe what it's really like over here.