Monday, October 12, 2009

I've really only written about the good changes that have been happening, but to get the good changes you have to go through the bad ones. After my first procedure, the caudal, I had problems swallowing for four days. I quit eating and it was extremely difficult to drink anything. On the fourth day though everything went back to normal and I didn't have any other problems with swallowing until my second procedure, the epidural. Since finishing my epidural procedure I've been having difficulties swallowing again, but this time I know how important it is to eat and drink regularly so I am forcing myself to eat and drink as much as possible. The doctor checked out my neck and throat this morning and said my tonsil is enlarged (they are already massive) so he gave me antibiotics and we are hoping it will go back to it's normal size soon. My neck is also a little swollen right now, which isn't fun and could be contributing to why it's hard to swallow. Also since my epidural procedure my vision has been worse than usual. It's a lot more blurry than usual (which I've said in a previous post), but hopefully soon it'll start clearing up. We tried doing stem cell eye drops to see if it would do anything and so far no results, but they say it can take some time. Yesterday I wrote about in the post before this was not a very good day. Overheating, blurry vision, and difficulty swallowing definitely don't make your day very enjoyable. t really showed me that this isn't going to be easy, it's going to be REALLY hard, but I have to push through it if I want to get to my ultimate goal of being healthy again.I'm going to have to deal with the bad things that come up and think about the positive benefits from it instead of dwelling on the negatives. It's going to take a long time, but I know this is the place I need to be and it's worth every penny.