Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Group Walk

Yesterday was a super fun day. When Hope was here we went to a little park called Deer Park. It isn't handicap accessible and my Mom wanted to be able to take everyone from the hospital over there to see the deer and just be somewhere different. She went out in between my morning physio and my afternoon physio with a patients wife, Marg. Marg and my Mom went to scope out and find a trail that we were all able to go on. They succeeded in finding one and around 3:30 we all left to go see Deer Park, Haus Khaus Village, and the ruins we found on our third day here. Ashley, his friend Darrio, Gabe, Matthew, Matthew's wife Kristen, Marg, Bret, my Mom, and I all went on this walk. I had been to Deer park two or three times before and it was fairly easy for me because I could transfer out of my chair onto a pole and then have my Mom put the chair through when necessary. With everyone else that would be much harder though so my Mom had found a path that worked. I had not gone on this path yet and it was fun to see it. The park is a lot bigger and green than I had originally thought it was, and none of us could believe how close it was! After Deer Park we walked over to Haus Khaus Village, which is right outside Deer Park. None of them had been to Haus Khaus yet, and they couldn't figure out how we possibly found it. We went down a back alley that had some pretty cool shops and it remind us of being in some European little town with cobblestones and the buildings. At the end of Haus Khaus are the ruins that my Mom, Hope and I had been to before. We wanted to show them how beautiful they are and how anyone and everyone is allowed to just hang out on them. They were all amazed at what was hidden back there and that it was so close to the hospital. A couple even said they would want to bring a book and sit there all day and read. It was definitely a lot of fun to get us all out of the hospital and go do something so simple together. We all want to go again soon! :)

This is a picture of me, Ashley, and his friend Darrio (pushing Ashley) at the ruins. It looks blurry, but it's the dust/quality of the air here.

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  1. I will always remember that moment of 'sweat discovery' at the ruins! How fun that you guys could show a 'new' place to all of those people! You are such 'locals'! : )