Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today has been a super busy day! This is the first time I have actually gotten to sit down and turn on the computer all day. We woke up about 9:20 this morning and got ready for physio at 10. Physio was usual time, about 10 to 10:50. Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish made there rounds and my Mom asked them a couple questions. They then realized that I had gone from being an A student to dropping out of school and they couldn't believe it. The whole entire trip they have been focused on my sensory and walking kind of forgetting about how impacted my brain is. Today it clicked. Their goal has always been to get me to walk and feel, and my cognitive problems were put in the back seat. Once they realized how bad it truly was they wanted to really help with it. I am now going to start going to "cognitive rehab" as Gabe calls it. Everyday now a doctor is going to come up to our room for 40 minutes and help me with memory, writing, etc. After meeting with the cognitive doctor I came back up to my room and got ready to go do a procedure. I did the Deep Spinal Muscle procedure in the back of my neck. Originally they were going to do it in my lumbar area to make my legs stronger, but once they found out about my brain issues he changed it to my neck. I asked him when I was going into the room why the neck, and he said because it's closer to your brain, simple as that. Dr. Ashish was really excited when he found out how smart I am, and asked me if I would write up what feeling nothing feels like (if that makes sense). He wants me to write down what it feels like to touch a pillow or hold a drink, etc. Once he was done giving the procedure I was brought back down to my room and was told to lie down in bed for an hour. During that hour there was a Mother and Daughter from Australia and the Daughter has Lyme's Disease they think. She wanted to find out more about Nu Tech and if it is worth it. We told her it's worth every penny. About five minutes before my afternoon physio I was allowed to get up from my procedure. I was then off to physio to work my butt off yet again. Now I am done with physio took a little break to write this post. Gabe just came over and told me a couple people are going down to play cricket so I'm off to go play. I'll write more later!

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  1. 'cognitive rehab' sounds exhausting!? : )