Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last week my physio gave me permission to start using my calipers outside of physio. My only rule was that they had to be locked and I had to have someone next to me to catch me if I were to fall. My Mom and I wanted to celebrate the fact that I was now allowed to start walking "on my own." We asked Gabe and Matthew if they wanted to come celebrate with us and get ice cream over at Green Park. Green Park is about a five minute walk from the hospital. I put my calipers on while we were in our room and got in my wheelchair and my Mom wheeled me there. She didn't want me walking in the street because drivers are pretty reckless here. When we got to the front of the ice cream store she let me get out of my chair and walk up the couple steps and into the store. It was so exciting because I could finally actually see the ice cream flavors rather than just the signs. I picked out the ice cream I wanted, a chocolate moo, and we went over a sat down. We were with Gabe and Matthew and we were all kind of in shock at how I was actually walking around. My Mom gave me permission to walk home from the store. I have never pushed a wheelchair before, and it was probably the weirdest feeling ever pushing my own chair home. I'm a pretty slow walker as you would imagine, so our five minute walk was about fifteen minutes. It was well worth it though! The best part of all of it was when we got back I ended up pushing Gabe with my wheelchair, like a train, pretty fast. We definitely weren't in very good control and hit the walls and plants a couple times. As I was pushing him we went passed Dr. Sudeep's office and he was very confused at first because he had only seen Gabe going by faster than usual and the front of my wheelchair with no one in it. He then saw that I was pushing my wheelchair and started laughing. Dr. Sudeep was so excited and happy to see me walking and pushing Gabe. It gave me enough confidence to know that when I get home I will be able to do more on my own.

Yes I did manage to spill ice cream all over my shirt, as always.


  1. Monica... I am BEAMING a HUGE smile!! I am SO proud of you and wish I could have celebrated with you at the ice cream store! I also can NOT believe your mom let you walk home from Green Park... even though you technically only cross two streets... we all know how CRAZY that is!! I can only imagine how proud Dr. Sudeep was to see you too!!! : ) Keep up the good work!

  2. This is just awesome stuff. Just SO SO SO happy for you guys. Some day i am going to head out to Cal and see u guys again.

    ALL the Best

  3. MONICA!!!! You still manage to shock us and move us to tears. I scared the cats and the dog when I yelled at M to read your post with me. You and your Mom can move the world, even the Dehli traffic. Love you both, sing and dance!!!!

  4. YAY!!!! I've been on vacation for almost a week and just now got internet! I'm sooooooooo happy to see this :)

  5. Monica this entry made me cry tears of joy!!! I'm so proud of you and happy for you and mum!!! Keep up your great work and effort, your mum was always adamant about seeing this day come and this is true justice!

    It will get better as the days pass, from our hearts to God's ears to your body!


  6. haha you always do spill stuff on your tshirts

    kristen sansone