Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As a majority of you all know, India's sport of choice is Cricket. All the staff here just LOVES Cricket. We will be sitting in the Common Room playing games at night and one of the workers will come over with a cable box plug it in sit in the hall and watch Cricket. It's so funny to see how into it they get and how they watch ANY game, not just India. Matthew, Gabe's dad, went to the toy store one day and came back with a Cricket bat. I don't know all the terms for everything, but it was along those lines. On that day we decided we are all going to play Cricket one of these days. Gabe wasn't feeling well for about a week so once he started feeling better we got everyone outside and were playing Cricket. Gabe, who is a quadriplegic, was pitching and everyone else was in the outfield. We got our security guard playing, about five other patients, a couple caregivers, at one point one of our doctors came out for a little, and anyone who was walking down the street that wanted to play. The scoring was if you hit it over the fence it's a six anywhere else is a four. The wicket is made up of two bottles (coke bottles, squirt bottles, water bottles, whatever we could find). It's a lot of fun because anyone who wants to play can come out and play, and if you don't want to play you can just hang out and watch.

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  1. Sounds like SO much fun!! I can picture you all out there... security guard and all! Has Dr. sudeep joined in yet! : ) My hellos to everyone!