Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week by Week

Before we started this treatment about once a week a new symptom would pop up or something would go wrong. Since coming back in November I have yet to see myself go down hill. It doesn't sound like much if a week goes by and nothing has happened, but to me it means everything. One week will turn into two and two turns into three and so on. I admit to taking everything for granted before I got sick. I was living carefree and thought I was invincible. It wasn't a bad thing it was just how I lived. Now I am so thankful for each day that I get. A week out of a lifetime might seen insignificant when you look at the big picture, but to a lot of people a week could be a lifetime. It's really opened my eyes to everything we are missing in life. We all get caught up and forget to look at the little things that mean the most to us. Mountain View High School is having the Winterball this Saturday. A couple of my friends are going and convinced me to go and I am surprisingly getting excited about it. It'll be the first dance that my brother isn't going to be at and the first dance that I will get to actually dance at in a long time. It'll be a new experience for me and I'm excited for how it is going to go. I am going to start writing down at least one thing new to try each week. The dance is first on my list.


  1. Mon Mon-
    Awesome seeing you today. You are a true miracle. Watching you jog across the crosswalk to avoid the fast paced cars was as "normal" a moment as any but completely NOT normal for you. It was very special. Your smile and positive attitude continue to shine. We love you and and can't wait for the weekly updates. Dayna, Jeff, Taylor and Avery