Sunday, October 18, 2009

On a Different Note

Yesterday a friend messaged me on Facebook one of the most amazing messages I have ever read. She and I don't know each other very well, and have only talked a couple times through mutual friends. My friend has known since she met me that I am sick, but she never knew to what extent I am sick until reading my blog. When I checked my Facebook this afternoon I was surprised she had left me a message. I would love to share the message with everyone (with her permission of course) and tell you why it meant so much to me. This what she messaged me saying:

hi monica,
i know we never have been that close and i've only talked to you a few times back at blach, but today i read your blog on your trip to india, and it seriously moved me to tears. i knew that you were sick, but i never new the extent of what you were going through. reading about the symptoms you are going through and all the procedures you are having makes me so thankful for my health, but at the same time i wish i could do something to make you healthy. i just want you to know that i hope you are doing well, and my prayers are with you.

After reading this I was at a loss for words. To tell you the truth it almost made me cry. People have always told me that my story affects others, but others had never told me it affected them so I never really believed them. She finally told me. I hope that when you get a little glimpse of everything I go through on a daily basis, you realize your how precious your health really is. Your health is the one thing of everything around you to not take for granted, for everything can change in a second. I used to take it for granted, I admit that. I used to think I was invincible like I could never get sick. You have to remember that everything can slip away in a moment, so appreciate what you have because there are people out there who don't have the things you have. I want to thank you all for following my blog and reading about what I go through. I know you will never fully understand what I am going through and how hard it is, but you know it is there. It's hard to share with everyone what I have to deal with because I don't want to be classified as the girl who is sick. Thank you for giving me the time to do it, and actually listen (or read).

Some people comment on my positive attitude about it all. The truth is I'm scared out of my mind of the unknown thing that has attacked and taken over my body. Even though it's scary, it's the cards I was dealt and I decided I'm not going to dwell and complain about it. I'm going to live as best I can and whatever I can't do I know I have people behind me who will make it possible for me to do it. I will never get better if I constantly am telling myself I am stuck with this the rest of my life. Even if I am stuck with this the rest of my life, I'm still going to be out there making the best of it. You only get to live once :)

By the way we hit our month mark, we have officially been here a month and if we don't change our date should be home in a month too!


  1. Monica, we always have you and your mom in our thoughts. Thank you for writing your blog which helps us better understand what you have been going through and the amazing progress you are making. Your positive attitude inspires each of us to look in the mirror and think of what we have instead of what we don't have and what we too often take for granted, like our friends and our health. We can't wait to see you when you get back!

    All our love,

    - Betty, Kayla, Mark and Glyn

  2. You are seriously my hero monica.
    I love you.
    -Jennifer Rogez