Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sour Patch Kids

Why do I love Sour Patch Kids so much? It's a joke between Ashley, Raven, my Mom, and I that I can sit there and eat an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids without even realizing it. Ashley is from New Zealand and has never had Sour Patch Kids before so I decided this was a good reason to open the bag. Days later they are gone. I'm telling you guys about the Sour Patch Kids because they are a comfort to me. When everything else is chaotic you need comfort. Sour Patch Kids for some reason are my comfort. My Mom and I brought pounds and pounds of candy, but for some reason Sour Patch Kids make me the happiest.

On a different note: movie nights! Ashley brought a hard drive with about 40 movies on it, and we decided to have movie nights now. We've had I think three or four I think now. It's pretty funny because we put both Ashley and I into his bed and my Mom and Raven sit on either a chair or the bed/pad/chair/couch thingy. I bring down my blankie, a couple stuffed animals and am content for the two hours or whatever that we are watching a movie. We always have to eat some candy during the movies too! I'm so glad we brought all the stuff we did. Movie nights are a nice way to hang out and just kind of be there for each other.

I'm off to bed before my Mom gets mad at me. Sorry for the delay in posts I just haven't been able to think of what to write!

P.S. We don't go out much because it's about 107 degrees during the day, and it's just going to get hotter!! AHHH.


  1. This is such an exciting time for you, on the verge of feeling something again. I hope the first thing is the lips of your mom kissing you. Love to both of you. xoxo, Mrs. Gatta

  2. SOUR PATCH KIDS=BEST CANDY EVER!! it is 107 degrees during the day?? ahhhh dont melt over there ;) say hello to your mom for me!! ♥ Elizabeth Evans