Friday, November 13, 2009

Making the Tough Decisions

One of the best and riskiest decisions of my entire life was to take Monica to India. It was a difficult one because not only does it impact my family financially (it is all cash, very expensive, and we need to return several times over the next year or two), but we had to leave behind Kevin a senior in high school (who wants his sister to get better, but the trade off is that his mom and sister left home for a couple of months) and Lance - luckily Mitch started his freshman year of college two days before we left so he is distracted and consumed by his new lifestyle.

Personally, I believe that I needed to try absolutely everything possible in the world available - regardless of costs - to get my girl well. Money is just money. I learned a very valuable lesson growing up that money cannot buy you health or happiness. Sure it can make life more comfortable or give you options, but it cannot buy the most important things you need - hope, love, courage, health, happiness, etc. Money makes it possible to try everything, but if you don't find the right people or places it doesn't matter how much you have.

I have known several people who have died because they could not find a place to go to heal. They could not find a place that could stop the progression of their disease. They could not find the most brilliant people, medical equipment and medicine available to mankind at that moment when they needed it. They could not find answers because the medical community didn't have answers. I now know we know so very little about how our bodies work. Especially if you have a condition that is now called "Monica's Disease." No doctor so far around the world has been able to name her disease or recognize her symptoms. It is truly a miracle that our bodies are able to work as well as they do. Be grateful that yours does.

I have learned an incredible amount about stem cells and have witnessed the miracles they can create in people's bodies clinically. Stem cells are going to be the new wave of medicine in the future. They will be available in our pharmacies and used as a first line of treatment for injuries or diseases or disorders I believe in my lifetime. Monica has become a pioneer being treated with human embryonic stem cells. She is the youngest person in the world to receive human embryonic stem cell treatment from NuTech Mediworld - one of the world's leading stem cell centers - outside of India. NuTech Mediworld does have an outpatient clinic for children.

We did not have much hope before we arrived. In fact - I believe she would have died had we not come. I had to make the tough decisions and be willing to try something risky and experimental. Monica had to be willing, brave and have the courage, determination and dedication to try everything possible to heal. Well, it has been one of the best decisions ever. Monica continues to get better and better and we now believe it is possible for her to heal.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you for your continued love and support throughout this journey.


  1. Tracy - thank you for keeping us all informed, educated and updated. This is one truly incredible journey and I must say,...I believe! You certainly are inspirational in your love and dedication and support for Monica and the work they are doing there in Nutech. I love hearing about your adventure and so thrilled for the positive experiences and results. We are thinking of you and continue sending our prayers for Monica's healing and for you all over there!
    Sue Goldberg

  2. I'm sure we are not alone in being delighted at the progress Monica is making and being proud of you all, especially Tracy, for persevering. Kianian's