Saturday, September 19, 2009

Travel Day

From the time we left our house around 6:30 PM on Monday September 14, 2009 to the time we arrived at our room in New Delhi, India, we had been traveling for about 27 hours. Not being able to walk makes traveling a little more interesting than usual. Wheelchairs don't really fit in the alleys of an airplane so they have a special chair you have to transfer into for them to wheel you to your seat. During take off and landings my body freaks out and I get EXTREMELY bad tremors and seizures. One lady in a chair behind stuck her head around the corner (I was in an aisle seat) and asked me with attitude "okay, is your chair broken or something?" I couldn't respond, but my mom looked over and told the lady sorry but she's having seizures. The lady then was super apologetic and trying to be nice, so that was kind of aggravating. Everyone around me was constantly starring though. When we landed in Munich, Germany we had a three hour layover and got shuttled around because we are handicapped. We went through our own special customs and security instead of through the lines with the wheelchair. I slept through most of the flight from Munich to New Delhi which was REALLY good. At 7:00 AM our taxi driver was waiting for us, but he didn't have a big enough taxi to fit Hope, my mom, and I plus all of our luggage and the wheelchair so he had to get someone else to take all of our luggage in a different car. The ride to the hospital was for sure an experience I'll never forget. I can't believe how there aren't as many accidents as you would think there would be here, just in that half hour taxi ride I knew there were MANY new experiences to come.

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