Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ambulance Ride!

My first ambulance ride, and it sure was a crazy one. Two days after we got there I needed to do another test called a SPECT scan. We originally were going to take a taxi, but there was an emergency so they needed to push our appointment back until later that night, little did we know that would also mean going in an ambulance. From reading previous blogs and through talking to people we were told to put me in the front with a seat belt instead of on the stretcher. My mom was on the stretcher for the ride over and my Aunt was sitting next to here practically holding the wheelchair while I was in the front. The funniest part was I didn't even have a working seat belt in the front seat so it was kind of useless. In the states if you see an ambulance it's required by law I think to move to the right and let them pass, yeah that law doesn't apply here. We were treated just like a regular car is. About three or four doors up the street from the place I did my scan is just a community garbage dump, and the place we went to was nice. I waited about ten or twenty minutes for them to prepare the dye that was needed for the correct test results. It was a nuclear medicine that crosses the blood brain barrier to figure out how the blood flows through your brain. After the injection I was supposed to wait for about an hour to let the medicine flow through before they could start the test, I fell asleep within ten minutes of being put on the gurney. The test went by pretty fast and wasn't as loud as the MRI's, but I was pretty sleepy during the SPECT so I don't think I noticed as much. Once I was done, we got back into our ambulance and drove home. You could see the reflection in other cars and we could tell the siren light was on, but of course nobody moved or anything. The ride was pretty smooth, but it was such a different feel from ambulance rides (from what I've heard) in the states because nobody moves or anything for you. We got the results on Monday and they came back abnormal which my mom, my aunt, and I all celebrated about. Yeah I know that it's twisted, but we were very excited a test showed something is wrong with me.


  1. I really hope this works...I am really pulling for ya...Will add u to my prayers

    Paul Steel

  2. not to mention that this little tiny mini vw bus was about 1/3 the size of the ambulances we know! And as Tracy and I sat in the back... we realized how much everyone could see in! The bicycle, the motorcyle with the family on it, the rickshaws, the cars, the trucks... NONE of which cared that we had lights on the top!! move over the the right... HA! They just honked at US to move over! : )